Doubt in the test scenario structure

In a project I developed, several workflows were created for each step of the process (logging into the system, navigating through the system menus, extracting information from screens, etc.). In this case, when I create a test scenario to check if the correct value has been filled in a field on a specific screen, should I include all the necessary workflows to reach that screen in the Given (login, menu, etc.) and in the When, include the workflow I actually want to test?

I have this doubt because, to me, the test scenario would end up “testing” multiple workflows in the Given, and if there was an error at this stage, it wouldn’t even test the workflow that should actually be tested in the test scenario.

I hope I have been clear in my question…

Thank you!

this is what I will do at your case for error handling as follows:

  1. login fails - capture screenshot, send an email to the PIC
  2. extraction information fails - capture a screenshot, and send an email to the PIC.

also, focus on output to check RPA have input with the correct value.

no need to create very detailed scenarios because it will struggle and stressful for you and will make inconvenience user as well