Double variable gets modified when passed as argument

I have a double variable which is 0.6 in one workflow

When I pass it to another workflow via arguments, this gets transformed to 0

Can someone please explain what happens?

can you share your workflow here?


Did you create argument of type Double in that workflow ?

And also show us the screenshot of that expression it’s printing value as 0.


We need to check with two places

The place where the OUT argument is sent check whether it is Also of type System.Double

And also check along the workflow where IN argument is created whether it is of same type

Then it should not be a problem


As a simple step have that as a string variable

Say for example if your double variable is named as doubleinput

Then use a assign activity like this

Strinput = doubleinput.ToString

And pass the variable as string itself between workflows

Then we can change that to double variable like this

dou_input = Convert.ToDouble(Strinput.ToString)


You can save that value in a excel file by writing with write cell
Then in that another workflow you can read it with read cell activity


We can save it in queues and then use it later as well

There are multiple ways to do this

Try one by one that you feel more feasible to your workflow

Cheers @raool90

Let me show you, this is the output I get
Now, this is where I print score 1 variable in workflow 1

This is where I pass the variable to next workflow

Actually ur steps looks fine

But let’s give a try with above steps of using as a string


Found the problem

I had another Integer var with same name

Thx all, closing this

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