How to convert argument type while invoking workflow

how to convert string argument to int64 argument while invoking workflow from another workflow.
It is showing error as cannot change . when i change argument type in one workflow, it is not working as expected. Please help.

Hi @valli165,

you can use like this in the assign activity.



Thanks for the reply balupad14,…

I am trying that- not working as expected…

Throwing error that cant be changed.

What is the type of your target argument?

target argument is int 64

What is the error can you please tell.

input string was not in correct format

is this the error?
Your input variable should be of type string. If its not do a input.ToString

Sure- will try this… Thank you!

I have one more doubt-i am using for each loop and joining string with ~.
when running, - getting values like this-
value1 ~Value2 ~Value3

how to remove extra space here?

how have you declared stringB?
You dont need to trim again strA as you have already done it in line 1
also i think your logic should be:
strB=String.Join("~",strB,strA).Trim to get the correct output.

If you dont get the correct output do a trim of strB. But i think it wont be required.

Hi, Thanks for the help… the value is coming in one string - val1~Val2~Val3~
How to omit last character(~)
I want the value to be like this: Val1~Val2~Val3.

How to do that

You can use string.Remove(string.Length -1)

Its working… Thanks alot!


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Tick the answer that solved your issue like below

how to arrange the above string in ascending order?

what is your join formula?