Double click not working

I have tried “Double Click” activity and tried an desktop app using it but it is behaving like single click.
Moreover, If I am trying the same sequence execution using “Double Click Image” then it is working fine. Can anyone suggest why this anomaly is happening?


Please check ClickType property for that Double Click activity. I think it is ‘Click Single’. If yes then change it to ‘Click Double’.

No @lakshman… I actually selected “Double Click”

Then it will be double click only.


Check Properties of the Double Click activity: Input -> Mouse button property. It should be “BTN_LEFT”.

If issue persists, please attache the XAML file.


I actually selected the “BTN_LEFT”. What strange is happening with my system is when I created a new user and installed UIPath and tried the copied scenario, it’s working over there but not working on first user.
Could you please suggest regarding this. Moreover, i am attaching the .xaml file alsoMain.xaml (5.0 KB)

Try giving Wait for ready property as Complete
if not working try enabling Simulate Click Property

As mentioned by @663910,
Set 1) Target -> Wait for ready = Complete and 2) Options -> SimulateClick = Checked/ True.

If it does not work please check Target -> Selector for both the users - one for which it is working and another user for whom the functionality is not working. Also check if you are getting any error in output panel