Click activity in Desktop not working as expected



I am trying to click an Icon in my desktop with a “double click image” activity, the click type is “Click_double” However, the program when it runs it behaves as if it was “Click_Down” activity for each click. I have to press ESC button in order to make it do the second click and still behaves as click_down. I need help for this, am I missing a plugin or am I doing something wrong.


I don’t see any extra plugin for this activity. You can check in the image properties check if the mouse button has ‘BTN_LEFT’. If not, restart the studio/Update to latest stable release. You can also check if tradition double click activity is working properly?


After restarting my whole computer and making sure the UIPath studio is at the latest update I did my own fix. I tried using on click_down type but it didn’t work because it took too long.
So Click_Single gets stuck in Click_Down, as if it waits for another input.
Therefore for my fix I used click type: Click_Single and then another click activity Click_Up and repeat this two again and it opened the desktop icon.
So my guess is that the developers of UIStudio to make this quick fix in the code and make the click_Single and Double_click the way it is supposed to be.