Double Click Activities

Hye guys, is there any choices other than OCR for double click Activity and Double Click Activity that we can use to double click field in a table.

I’ve tried using normal double click activity but its not working.
And also currently I am using Telerik design. Is it related between the design and the activity function?

Hi @ainaasyhda

Use Click Activity by changing the property



Try with Sudharsan’s solution and if it is not working try with checking “SendWindowsMessage” or Simulate Click type.

Can you do it by normal click once and then a hot key ‘enter’?

Hi! I already tried with click and double click but its still didnt work, it wont detect the specific field but detected the whole screen. Is it bcs of the Telerik UI Designed ?

Okay then try with Click text activity

You need to indicate on full screen and give your text in the text field which you need to click



We can use COMPUTER VISION activities where in that CV CLICK has a property called click type in which choose double and with that we can double click on image based element

Cheers @ainaasyhda

ok so this system will process few data which:
search the invidual names, and need to double click the first row so that it can be deleted from the system.
But then I already tried to use “Double click activity” and also “Get Text” both also doesnt work.
I dont want to use OCR method. Is there any other way to click tht first field

Fine what error we are getting in exact

Have you tried Click Text Activity

You can also try with Click Image

And also you can try this

  • Find Text position - create your Variable (Ui Element)

  • Use Click activity pass the Uielement variable in Element field instead of Selector.


Thank you for the reply sir. I will take a look for this method.

Hi Thank you for the replied !
The automation wont detect the field and it did nothing, not clicking or highlight just ended the automation.

hi! as you can see here,Im using Click Text Activity. I tried to select the first row only but then it wont capture instead it capture the whole table. Is there any other activity that I can use

Hi @ainaasyhda

Click text works that way

We need to indicate on whole table and give your text in the text field and test once.


how to edit the indicate element? how to know this specific code refer to the first row?