What activities to use to locate a cell in a software


I need the bot to locate the cell circled in red and double click that cell. What activities should I use? I cannot simply use “click activity” on that cell because the order of the office might change. How do I make sure the bot always double click the bill amount for Hong Kong office? Thanks.

Is it application ? If yes use selector contains name “Hong Kong”.
Also, do not forget to add an exception that in the event that this name is not found, don’t cause an error and properly go by the process in the flow.


Have you ever tried to change the ClickType of the Click activity to double?


This can be done in two different ways

  1. If you were able to select that text Hong Kong as a individual element then we can use CLICK TEXT activity
    Where in this activity pass the text you want to click “Hong Kong”
    While indicating the region, select that entire region as scope so that bot will look for the text mentioned in that region

For double click we will be having a property called Click Type where choose as Double


  1. If you are not able to select that text as a individual element then use CLICK IMAGE activity where choose Hong Kong as a region of image by dragging the mouse and selecting it as a region

So now bot will look for that image and click it
Same as above for double click choose the click type property as Double

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @stellalai8625


In your case if order of the office will change for each and every run.

My suggestion would be try with anchor base.

Anchor base activity in left side would be find Hong Kong label and right side would be double click the $. Please refer the below forum link for more guidance. Not sure whether it works please give it a try. Thanks.

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