Extracting Specific Data Json

Hi Everyone ! Is there a possibility to extract the whole json(Specific Data) from Orchestrator Queue instead of extracting it via specific content where we have to provide the key value.

Hi @Shiya,

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A queue item which was sent to Orchestrator is always in the form of a Dictionary<string,Object>

  1. Get the queue item using GetQueueItems

  2. Iterate through to QueueItems (for each → TypeArgument–> UiPath.Core.QueueItem)

    in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent is of a Dictionary<string,Object>

  3. You can modify the item as you like and then send it back to queue.

We use such an approach to update an queue item and send it back to either original queue or another queue.

thanks @jeevith for the quick reply. It worked !

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