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I follow Lessson Orchestrator at the UiPath academy. I use the UiPath Community edition. If I go to I don’t have all menu items. I only have Services, Users, Licenses and Resource center. I don’t have Robots, Machines, Processes, Jobs, Assets and Queus. Can I change this somewhere?

Hi @eddycarsouw,
Welcome to the Community!
Please go to Services tab and there you can create new tenant. After creation of it just simply click on it’s name and you will be moved to proper Orchestrator site :slight_smile:

Hello Pablito, thanks for the quick response. I can continue now !!!

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Thanks for the answer. I clicked on my name and orchestrator menu is in different language.
Can you help?


Hi @MadhuK,
When you are on tenant you have language bar in the bottom left corner:

Got it. Thank you.

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