I dont see Robots, Machines, Processes, Jobs in Orchestrator


I have created new account under https://platform.uipath.com/ , but i don’t see Robots, Machines, Processes, Jobs tabs in left hand side.

Let me know if anyone have idea.


welcome to uipath community
This is a cloud platform and we are yet to get into the orchestrator page
for that here in SERVICES tab we can find the TENANT name
–click on to it and it will take us to the orchestrator page where we would be able to find all that you were searching for

Cheers @SYAM_Maddi

Thank You.

i just clicked on the default Services name and it took me navigating to real Orchestrator page.

Yah click on that SyamDefault and that would be our orchestrator tenant name
Cheers @SYAM_Maddi

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