Don't forget, UiPath DevCon starts TOMORROW!

Hello UiPath Community! :smiley:

Make sure you are registered for this week’s UiPath DevCon, our first virtual, global developer conference. It’s taking place on September 2-3 at 11:30 a.m. BST, or 4:00 p.m. IST and 6:30 a.m. ET.
DevCon will be hosted by our very own Chief Evangelist Tejus Venkatesh. You’ll hear exciting company and product updates directly from UiPath leaders (live from their homes!) and go deep on technical sessions with developers from UiPath and from our community. Learn best practices, see live demos, and share your feedback with us! We also finished our HyperHack hackathon, where we will be announcing the final winners of our toughest competition yet.

Session replays will be live within the hour. Even if you can’t join live, you’ll be able to access all of the replays only if you’re registered for the event. Additionally, we’ll be hosting a Behind the Scenes webinar two weeks after DevCon! Register Here. See you online very soon, and comment below which session you are most excited to watch!!! :rocket:


I am not able to connect to DevCon neither are my coworkers. Anyone else having an issue?

Same here, can’t get past the “Please confirm your registration to enter the event!” window. I’ve tried Chrome, IE, Firefox with no luck. Tried re-registering for the event, no luck. I am using Chrome ver 84 on Windows 10. Very frustrating.

Hi @dianamorgan and @loginerror. If I have a question for Doug Mauro’s team related to Visual Studio, but the Q&A for that earlier DevCon session has already closed, how should I direct my question?

All the presenters and content are amazing! Many thanks to the UiPath Team for putting on this event.


Hello @joycehanson1 and @tmeyer, is it possible you are mistyping the email address they used to register to log in to the event?
In some instances it may take about one minute for the email address to get in the database. As a result, if they register on the page and not the main, they may get to the main page before the email address was validated.
Please retry in a few minutes if that happens.

Glad to hear it Mark! You can email and it should be forwarded to the right place.

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@DeanMauro also if you want to chime in :slight_smile:

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The email address is correct. We discovered that we could not be on our company VPN, we had to log into DevCon off of the VPN or using our personal computers.