Don't click

I use click activity as below.

It not click but not error.

Please guide me for solve it.

Thank you.


check the selectors carefully and click activity should be inside the use application browser

@Maheswar_Reddy but if I use highlight it correct.

Hi @Stef_99

when you are indicating the target element, check the strict selector and uncheck the fuzzy and image in the selector option window. It will helps to click the search button.

Check the below image for better understanding,

Hope it helps!!

select item activity is working or not working?
is it selecting the desired input?

@mkankatala I change to strict selector already but same (not click)

I have point before click activity I use select item activity.

If I remove select item activity —> click correct.
But If have select item activity before click activity ----> Not click


Please guide me for solve it.
Thank you

Okay @Stef_99

Try the another method. when you are indicating the element in the same selector option window there is a dropdown available at top right, it was default in Auto option. Try selecting the Active accessibility and Ui Automation.

Check the below image for better understanding,

Hope it helps!!

@Maheswar_Reddy I think error because after select item load data.

How to set select item load completed —> click query

select item works only when selector editor has visual tree in the left upper corner there will be attribute named “select” will be there add that to the selector attributes.
then it will work

@Maheswar_Reddy Yes, It have.


manually select one item then re indicate the click activity

@Maheswar_Reddy you recommend not use select item.
But use click instead of select item right?

if visual tree in selector editor has select attribute you can use otherwise better use click activity

@Maheswar_Reddy If I use select item and wait for download.
How to set?

check this
u can see the select attribute

@Maheswar_Reddy Yes, It can select correct.
But before next activity I want load data after select item.

How to set it?

if there are limited items in drop down you can create a array variable with the same names

@Maheswar_Reddy No

My req. have wait after select item until download data completed.

delay activty works here