Click activity does not always work

My bot is running smoithly and clicking on the buttons I have created in the flow, however while I am running it, the bot sometimes stops at a click activity and cannot click it and I get an error message. If I click on it manually, the bot continues with the tasks and after couple of seconds the same happens again. What could be the reason for this inconsistency?


Can you check the selector, If it’s valid and highlight the correct element?

Try to pass a dynamic selector, if you have an webctrl id, try with other tags or by using wild characters also you can make the dynamic selector

Hope this will help you


Hi there @maria.mitova ,
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Are you able to provide the selector for the button?
We may be able to provide some pointers - As highlighted by @Srini84 noted above.

Most likely, there are dynamic attributes on the button that are causing the Bot to identify the button inconsistently.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
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