Doesn't automatically Type Into MS Word

When running my RPA , the Type Into activity doesn’t automatically type into the specific page and table of the Word document unless I scroll to the page it should type into.

Please tell me how to fix it. Thank you so much!



use Append Text activity inside Word Application Scope activity to write into word file.


Buddy @zefang

The reason why you were not able to write with TYPE INTO activity is when you open the word document it will type to page where it is currently, where it displays to us, so similarly the TYPE INTO activity will type into the text document the moment it sees the page…and unless you try to scroll to page where you want to type, like how you did it will type into the page where it sees first…
Fine coming to the point

In order to avoid this we have an activity called APPEND ACTIVITY which should be used within WORD APPLICATION SCOPE… to get these activities you need to download the pacakge UIPATH.WORD.ACTIVITIES from manage packages in design menu…

once after downloading, mention the file path of the word document as a input to this word application scope and inside this use activity append activity

thats all buddy you are done @zefang
Kindly try this and let know buddy

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Hi. It does not work. It just simply appends at the end of the document and I used the correct “Append Text”.

Kindly noted that I have many different pages and tables in the word document. I need to input values into one of the tables in one of the pages


Generally we can’t go to that particular place and type new text there.

Make one word template document and put some text and then use Replace Text activity to replace that text with original text. I think this way we have to do it.