How do i get text into the white coulmn in a word doc. and automate multiple word docs

is the portion for Final report same in all the docs? can you share a sample doc?

unfortunately I cant send the doc its confidential.

basically I just put the formula and extract the into from the word table.

Did you try opening the word file and using type into activity

yes it types at the top of the doc . not where its sopposed to.

  1. cv type text to works but only automates 1 document

you should search for “Final Report” and use down key or whichever key which helps you to move to next row and then type over there

Hi @Latoya_mbatha ,

Could you Check the Below example Workflow : (12.4 KB)

If you get an Error in Invoke Code Activity, install the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word package from the Manage packages.

It uses Interop.Word for Adding value to the second row of the table.
The Invoke Code follows the logic that, if there is a “Final Report” word in the First Cell of the Table, it will enter the Value in the Second cell.

Let us know if you are facing issues.

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