Does UiPath still provides support for IE11?

Hi All,

Can someone confirm that UIpath still providing the support for Bots running on IE11 browser.I have recently come across the news that Microsoft shutdown the services for IE11 and no longer provides any support.

I just want to know the impact on project that uses IE11 as primary browser, do we need to recode the things in another browser? and

is it advisable to build automation using IE11 now?

Thanks in Advance.


You may have to migrate the process to chrome/edge/firefox and it is not advisable to use IE for automation now. You can try using other browsers.
The detailed explanation can be found here:


Also have a look here - browser migration tool:

new implementations using IE11 should be avoided to reduce the migration volume of processes shifting to an alternate browser

Please check this as well, hope it will help.