Configure SVN in uipath

How to Configure SVN in UIPath?

Hi @rupeshkumar.shah

You can go through with this link

Connecting your Project to a Source Control


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Hi, Thanks for the solution. I have alreday gone through that link buit after clicking on SVN link option i am getting the same screen as TFS.I am not able to see the Repository option which the screen have shown in link.

Please help me how th get the same SVN screen in my UIPath.

UIPath Version: 2016.1.6137

Hi @rupeshkumar.shah

I am using the latest stable version 2016.2.6165 and i am able to get the Repository option.

So please either update uipath to latest stable version or try to reinstall and package updates.

let me know the results :slight_smile:


I have licence version.

How can i get this latest version?How I can update this.

Hi @rupeshkumar.shah

After start uipath go to “help” menu then click on beta version only if you wants to update with lat3st unstable version.
But to update from 2016.1 to 2016.2 uninstall it and download latest one and entered your licences key again. It will work.


Hi aksh
i m using 2018.4.1 enterprise edition.
i want to connect to the repository in my local system.
can u pls suggest me how to do that??

Hi @niteshbutola5,

Hope this could help you:

Studio offers the tools to connect automation projects to version control systems through the Team page in the backstage view

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