Does not iterate loop in anchor tag when we open this link

hey, I am new in UiPath. can you help me how to iterate loop in anchor tag in web data scraping. given below problem. link- iterate loop in colunm of Name of VO/NGO achor tag.
we are attaching my workflow. (45.3 KB)

again and again only one link open. does not move another link.

You can use Data scraping instead of looping. Please see the attached code. (9.9 KB)

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Hii @Vivek_Arunagiri thanks for replying,
but we can also extract popups data for each anchor tag. and save all popups data in of ngo anchor tag csv file.

@santoshmehta Try below one and let me know.

BankLoop-------.xaml (10.2 KB)

hii @Manjuts90 thanks for replying,
can you share me screenshot of workflow, which value you select by selectors.

Hii @Manjuts90 thnaks for replying,
i want to extract popups data in csv file from all ngo name anchor tag one by one.
can you help me how to iterate that i am attaching workflow this workflow does not iterating all anchor tag. can you tell how it is (45.3 KB)

@santoshmehta Please find below screenshots for ur reference.

but how can write this in csv. datatable are necessary for csv write

hii @Manjuts90,
please check my workflow. it is close to solution. but we can not iterating loop in each anchor tag

@santoshmehta In which version u have developed ur workflow?

Hii @Manjuts90
i am using 18.3 version.

@santoshmehta i am using 2017 version ur file is not opening correctly

hii @Manjuts90
can you update 2018 version of uipath

@santoshmehta i am trying it only but it is not happening, what ever shown is screenshot u can try it, if u get error i will try to slolve it.

@Manjuts90 given below workflow screenshots

click only first ngo name again again…

@santoshmehta u didnt try my method?