Does Learning RPA is beneficiary for Testers?

Now everywhere RPA is hearing around.
so let anyone help me to understand that how it will be beneficiary on learning RPA as a Tester?

It could be helpful with testing UI, in similar way that selenium can be used.
It could be used for setting up preconditions (f.e. resetting application state) and checking postconditions (f.e. that correct error message is displayed) in “manual” test cases.
It could be used for generating input sets, border values etc. in a similar way any scripting could be used.

Of course there is testing rpa itself, which in many cases would greatly benefit from experienced testers - a lot of processes are designed by non-programmers and you can probably imagine how tests look in those… If they’re present at all, they usually just cover happy paths and maybe a couple negative cases if you’re lucky.

There’s definitely more to it, but I’m not a tester myself. What rpa communities tend to lack are testers. It’s an important point of view that is highly underrepresented.

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Yes Random,

Definitely it will be helpful for testers.

  1. Currently tester are doing manual/automated testing of the application eg. selenium or any other tool for testing purpose.
    Same way they can user RPA for testing and it will help them a lot in compare to existing technology.

2.If they will learn RPA than they can easily move from tester to RPA analyst or developer which is so demanding now days.

Let me introduce myself first I am a tester with almost 11 years of experience in testing and verifying different systems including Big Data system.
So, think on below questions and decide your approach

  1. Do you want to use RPA as a test automation tool like Selenium, QTP etc
    If Yes, my suggestion is RPA tools are meant/invented for process automation and cogntive part.
    _But when there are very good and dedicated tools available for test automation then why you want to use RPA tool for test automation _

  2. Do you want to move from tester to RPA developer profile.
    If Yes, then please proceed and start your learning. Testers could be a very good RPA developer as while developing they will think of several scenario due to there inherent nature of analysing the requirements and finding requirement bugs

  3. Do you love learning new technlogies and keeping yourself aware and updated
    You can also work as a tester for a RPA development very much needed profile as per my knowledge but I have no idea people are considering this profile for recruitment at present. However, keeping updated with new technlogy will add up to your skill and thinking.