Does Element Exist Work with Unattended

Hello everyone, do you know any alternatives of element exist for Unattended Robots since the selectors can’t find the pop-up of downloads I try to use a simple “click” button for a quick fix, but the issue arrives when the document takes a while to download completely. In Studio is applied a retry scope but after a period of time it reach its timeout. In Attended everything works normal but with unattended for some reason it cannot find the UI Element of element exist only with image exist but with “image exist” it takes a lot of time. The “image exist” is the only option for this scenarios of Robots?

The options I use for element exist are:

  • “Open Browser activity”, properties “Simulate” and drop the element exist (doesn’t work)
  • Normal Element Exist checking in Studio with “Highlight Element” then run Unattended (doesn’t work)
  • “CV Element Exist” (doesn’t work)
  • “Wait For ready” property of element exist “Interactive” or “Complete” (doesn’t work)

Other options without element exist:
“Try Catch activity” drop in both “try” and “catch” the button of download (doesn’t work)
“Activate Activity” (doesn’t work)

Forums of UiPath talking about issues of Ui Element of Unattended:
Suggestion of “Highlight Element” option: Unattended robot does not work with UI elements - #4 by Natapong

Suggestion of “Open Browser Activity” option: UI element is not found when running process though Orchestrator - #9 by loginerror

NOTE: The problem was from a Smart Screen of edge to Keep a File in Downloads

You should be working in modern, and use the Check App State activity. Adjust the timeout as necessary to wait for the download to complete. It’s also possible you could use the Wait for Download activity to wait for the file to appear before moving on.

If you’re having selector issues running unattended, I would tell you that humans shouldn’t be logging into the server as the robot account. If they do, they must SIGN OUT - they can’t just close the RDP window. I suggest logging into the server as the robot account then signing out to make sure.


Did you get a chance to look at On Element Vanish / On Element appear activity? and give the maximum timeout for the activity, So, that it will wait until the Element is Vanish or appear

Hope this may help you



Can you try using a separate attach and see if you are able to use element exists then or use element exists using a full selector?

Might be you open browser container doesnot recognize the downloads popup.
Curious as why none of this is working for you.


This might be the following issue.

So, can you check browser version of UR machine and UiAutomation package? Upgrading UiAutomation may solve this matter.


Thank you this works for my scenario.

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