If an Element Exists -then Skip


I am facing a challenge in automating a project. I have to download a file from a particular portal for a certain date. If the file does not exists the webpage shows " File not exist". And I should skip downloading the file.

I tried out Element exists and then if Statement. The automation is struck. Kindly suggest what changes should I make?

SS Attached below:


Use Element Exists and then If statement is fine, but tell me Element you are scrapping will return File Not Exist ?


If the Element is showing “File Not Exist” then I have to save the file else I have to skip the step.



then you can give only boolTDRExistscheck not as False


I think I did the same previously

by default, timeout is set for 30secs. That is causing the delay when you are running the task. If the element is not existing, the robot will wait for 30 seconds before it will proceed.
Suggest lower the timeout value