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I want to ask. I use the exist element. When in my studio the exist element is read, but when I run it in the robot studio, the exist element is not read. how to handle it? Does something have to be edited in the explorer UI? Thank You


Set wait for ready interactive

what do you mean by delay? The problem is that when I test it in the PC studio, it’s normal. but when the robot element existed, it didn’t find anything

If the “Exist Element” activity works in UiPath Studio but not when running the robot, it could be due to various reasons. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

  1. Check Selector: Ensure that the selector used in the “Exist Element” activity is reliable and accurately identifies the element you are checking for. Sometimes, dynamic attributes or changes in the application’s UI can cause selectors to become invalid. You may need to use wildcards (*) or update the selector to make it more robust.
  2. Debug Mode: Run the workflow in debug mode in UiPath Studio to see if there are any errors or issues encountered while executing the “Exist Element” activity. This can help identify any issues with selectors or element identification.
  3. UI Explorer: Use the UI Explorer in UiPath Studio to validate the selector used in the “Exist Element” activity. Ensure that the selector accurately identifies the element, and make any necessary adjustments if the UI elements have changed.
  4. Wait Before: Add a “Delay” or “Wait” activity before the “Exist Element” activity to allow time for the element to appear on the screen. Sometimes, the element may not be immediately available, especially if the application is loading or processing data.
  5. Target Framework: Check if the application you are automating has any compatibility issues with the UiPath framework. Ensure that the target framework version is supported by UiPath.
  6. Run on Different Machine: Test the workflow on a different machine to see if the issue persists. Sometimes, environment-specific factors such as screen resolution or system configurations can affect the execution of activities.
  7. Logging: Add logging activities to the workflow to capture any errors or unexpected behavior encountered during execution. This can help diagnose the issue and provide more information for troubleshooting.

By following these steps, you should be able to identify and resolve the issue with the “Exist Element” activity not working as expected when running the robot.

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