Does Automation Hub support SSO using Okta?

I would like to setup Automation Hub on Okta to implement SSO. I don’t believe this is currently supported. If it is, how? If not, when?


hi, @wellsg! :wave: sorry for the late reply!
We (UiPath Cloud) support federation with Azure AD and GSuite (SSO for now, a real AD integration for auto-provisioning of the users is planned for 20.10). Customers who want to federate with other on premise Identity providers (like OKTA) can leverage the native functionality provided by AAD or GSuite to federate with those systems, such that they have SSO between cloud and on premise and have a centralized policy management or authentication.
We will not cover a direct integration between Okta SAML and Automation Hub. This will be done through this path:
UiPath (cloud) → Auth0 (cloud) → AzureAD (cloud) → SAML (customer IDP on prem)
knowing that Automation Hub will be a service exposed in Cloud Portal by the end of this year.

I hope this helps.


A quick follow up - on the Federation with Azure AD is that only for Authentication or are there plans to offer group based Authorization against Azure AD (or is that what you meant by “real AD integration?”). How imminent is the 20.10 version? (I cannot seem to find the current Automation Hub version number on the platform)

If a user is Authenticated, but does not have a user profile / role in Automation Hub what happens? Do they get assigned a default Submitter Role?


Thanks for this response. In order to increase adoption and enterprise wide adoption, we would definitely need AD integration.


Hey @abe1 ,

Following up on this post as we have recently released the AAD integration feature: Automation Cloud(tm) Previews: Azure AD Integration for enterprise and OAuth 2.0 for 3rd party apps

The AAD connection is configurable in Automation Cloud and Automation Hub users can leverage as now Automation Hub is a service within Automation Cloud. See here how to enable the Automation Hub service in Automation Cloud: Enabling Automation Hub in Automation Cloud.

Let us know if you have further questions on this one.


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Thank you. Very useful. We will test it out