Does anyone have experience finding suitable selectors to automate the EPIC Hyperspace app?

Hi There,
I cant find proper selector for the following EPIC Hyperspace application. Currently Im getting WND class and IDx components for the field that I need to set selector, and idx is a dynamic number that would not work after close and open application, or in case if additional field is going to be added. I also tried to set anchor based selector, text that is beside the field is not set as lable and cant be identified, so when youre tying to identify the label, it`s highlighting the whole window as a container( #1 on the screenshot) not as a separate element. If anybody have similar issues, please share your suggestions.


I havent worked with that specific app but I have a similar experience with SAP.
If your automation only involves data entry, you can use Type Into activities instead to navigate to the correct Textbox field. You can add multiple Tab characters before the String variable you want to type on the Textbox.

if we want to get this value or any similar field value
then we can use GET ATTRIBUTE activity and get the value of attribute aaname

Kindly correct me if i have misunderstood the query
Cheers @vladgo

How are you accessing the EPIC Hyperspace App? RDP (Remote Desktop) or Cirtix? Or are you running and accessing on local desktop?
Also, which version of UiPath are you using? First thought would be to utilize Computer Vision functionality, second thought would be to utilize Hot Keys and Type Into as others have recommended. We do interact with EPIC Hyperspace, but via Citrix Session, so we are using a lot of Hot Keys and Type Into, plus a few “Relative” Clicks.
We are fixing to upgrade to 2019.10.x, so hoping to convert and utilize Computer Vision.

Thanks Palaniyappan, but this window and its text fields does not have unique identifiers and Get Attribute unfortunately would not work here. As you can notice on the screenshot, there are only generic VB components with dynamically generated ID numbers for each text field.

Yep, this is my current solution to use Send Hotkeys “tab” method to navigate through each text field. The only challenge I had and I also have the solution for it, to click next tab “ID Rules” of the came container so I can continue entering information on this form, and the method UI Path Support suggested to use is Click Text, which allowed me to find that specific text inside the container/window and click on it.

We have thick client(actual app) installed on our VM, also were currently using Studio 2019.10.1. I agree with you that Hot Keys and Type Into would be sufficient here, to enter data, but in case if you need to click on specific tab or button that have no unique properties, than its really challenging… Also what we noticed from EPIC Hyperspace automation that it have embedded web components into VB components, and some screens are very easy to uniquely identify, but this particular screen is though one with generic VB components only.