Selector Issue - Not a button nor an Image

Hello all, this is my first post. I am attempting to click a “button” (red circle) on an older (2007) windows application (Epicor). It does not appear to be a single button, but a graphic that is clickable by location (I’m guessing) since the UiPath selector wants to select the entire bar (green highlight). The same for the “Detail” tab. I cannot seem to select it as a button, or an image.

Any help/direction is appreciated. Thanks.

this can happen in such scenario.

  • test it with differen UI Framework
  • Design Ribbon → UiExplorer
  • indicate Item - Press F4 for changing between the different offered Ui Frameworks
  • Check if a particular framework let expose the element

Check keyboard jumpings

  • Click on all data
  • click tab key until Detail Tab is focused ( Active) hit Enter
  • Check if details Tab was opened

Check Click text

  • indicate Click Text Activity to the most close uielement to details
  • let click the text Details

Thank you @ppr. Your post helped point me in the correct direction. The solution was a combination of the UI Framework and getting the image selectors set correctly. Thanks again.

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