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Hi Everyone,
Can someone pls tell me what all main documents should RPA developer be involved of while working in RPA project(as part of Development, Testing and Maintenance)?
Also, what should be specified in Runbook to troubleshoot errors in Production?

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Hi @Debosree_Roy,
@UiPath-MVP, guys - do you have any experience so we could help @Debosree_Roy with this? :slight_smile:

@Debosree_Roy, is your first question what documentation a developer produces?

And then you’re asking what we would recommend placing in a runbook to troubleshoot future errors in production?

Yes…Q1-As a developer, what all documents he/she should be involved in/created as the life cycle of RPA project.
Q2- Yes, what all topics should be covered in Runbook by developer before giving it to Operation Team?

Hi @Debosree_Roy

Developer has to Create As IS Flow process and To Be flow process in PDD, Once Design is done need to include technical stuff in SDD.

Run Book Covers the below topics, based on the organization it will vary,
Overview – Project Background
Point Of contacts
Client Organization Name
Support Organization
Prerequisites Before Implementation
Opening workflow and establishing studio-orchestrator connectivity
Creating Queue name in Orchestrator
Config File Maintenance
Steps to run the bot From UiPath
Steps to run the bot From Orchestrator
Known Issues
Any Other Issues


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Thank you.

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