Reg. RPA Operational Handbook

Hello Team,

I’m looking for RPA Operational Handbook template for the RPA projects.
Can anyone please share.


Can’t provide a template right away but these are what it contains.

  1. A breif intro of process
  2. Who are the sme,BA,dev for the process
  3. Any input files needed and their formats
  4. Output expected
  5. Trigger details
  6. Rerun details (about what to do in reeun scenarios)
    7 . Exception messages
  7. Known issues


@Anil_G Thanks for Reply.

Can anyone please help me with template if you have already?

All Documents would be available in the UiPath business analyst learning path.

@Priyanka_Ramesh - RPA Operational Handbook document is not available in UiPath business analyst learning path.