Documentation for Queue schemas is very little

Just saying “you can create a Specific Data JSON Schema, Output Data JSON Schema, or Analytics Data JSON Schema” and then giving a basic example of a schema file, isn’t enough.

It’s straightforward understanding what the Specific Data JSON Schema does - it validates queue items when they’re being created. Cool.

But what do the Output and Analytics schemas DO? How do we USE them? Give us examples and use cases.

I’d be happy to write a how to on this actually, I think some of my replies on this topic have the highest hits on the forums and I explored (and figured out myself) how to use them.

There is also quite some bad advice on these around, plenty of Youtube videos instructing people how to use them but them having no clue what a schema file is and instead just fudging it with a normal JSON file.

If I write a guide how would I get it into the howto sections here in the forums?

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Post it as a tutorial.


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That only explains specific data schemas, not the other two schemas I’m asking about.

I explained it at the end?

The other two schemas serve the exact same purpose but are evaluated when a queue item is completed. If the output or analytics data set during the set transaction status activity don’t match the schemas provided there then the queue item will be set to failed as a business exception.

And what are those, how are they used, what is their purpose?

Thats quite a different question than asking about what the schema’s are for don’t you think?

Just like we can discuss what the SpecificContent is for without ever mentioning a schema we can do the same for Output and Analytics so your comments now are a tad confusing and contradictory.

Do you want to know about the schema’s or what those properties are used for?

No, it isn’t a different question. Understanding the point to the schema includes understanding what those things do. Maybe just answer the question?

This is clearly answered, you asked about schemas and not the properties.

I suggest making a new topic if you don’t understand the basics of a QueueItem Output or the Analytics rather than confusing this topic.