Document Understanding with Action Center Asynchronously

So, I just created a simple workflow that integrates Document Understanding with Action Center: it creates a task for document classification if the confidence level is below determined threshold, and then waits for the task completion to start the classification of another document.

My question is, is there any way of making the workflow start the classification of another document regardless of the completion of other document tasks completion?

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Hi @pedro.cavadas,
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If I got it right I think for such solution there is no simple method. You will need to predict it in your automation by having two paths where documents which will need further completion will be stacked in one bucket and there rest will be proceeded still. Then for example you could have another process which will handle only those which will need some action.

Thanks @Pablito!
I think you got the idea right, but I don’t know if it would solve my problem, because I’d still have to wait for the tasks completion on the second process… Still, I’ll try implementing it.

My idea at first was uploading the ActionObject of each task to a queue using a Dispatcher, and then with a Performer, checking which ActionObjects were completed and then proceeding with the processing. This way, I could keep classifying the documents with the Dispatcher independently of the tasks completion. But apparently, these ActionObject variables cannot be put into a JSON, and so cannot be uploaded to a queue. Do you know if there is any way of circumventing that?

Hi @pedro.cavadas , have you got a chance to look at
RPA Framework for Document Understanding and UiPath Action Center Workflow Templates

There are two ways you can create workflow for your scenario.

  1. You keep creating task and add task object to task object list for items have confidence level below threshold. You can loop thought the task object list in parallel foreach and wait for task at end of your workflow.
  2. You create task for items have confidence level below threshold and start a separate process with task object as argument for wait for task using StartJobAndGetReference
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Hey @anupamtriwedi,
I’ve a similar issue but not only do I need to keep processing documents I need to use the document understanding results to help retrain the modle when ever the action center is used.
But on your second option above:
“You create task for items have confidence level below threshold and start a separate process with task object as argument for wait for task using StartJobAndGetReference
How will this work if there is lots of awaiting task, I’m looking at a scenario where I have around 10,000 documents I need to process each month and have a similar process about 50%-60% don’t reach the confidence level threshold. So on an average day that would be 150-250(depending on if this is going to run on weekends or not) tickets that will need future action.
Am I right in saying you are presuming you are running these processes on different machine’s or is there any issues with running this on one unattended bot.
If it matters I’m using the cloud instance of uipath.