Can the document understanding pause for waiting classification and validation?

I created a document understanding project using the template. I had some doubt on it.

  1. I was thinking that, can the bot run from the orchestrator or assistant ? Cause i found that my bot won’t pause for waiting classification in Action Centre when I run from the Assistant. Is there any settings that I need to configure, or the Document Understanding cannot pause to wait for classification or extraction from assistant or orchestrator itself?

  2. If I want the bot to pick all the new transaction items and the bots end after create the classify tasks to Action Centre, then the bot end. After the tasks in Action Centre are done, i manually run the bot again and continue to the extractions for the same transaction items. So that, I don’t have to wait for previous transaction to finish and do for the other transactions.


  1. Ideally bot goes into suspended if wait for validation is used…and if using UiPath assistant you can use present validation station directly as its attended
  2. For thsi you need to create a separate process aave the action id’s and then resume from the next task…for that after task is created you can add a new queue item with task id …so when you start the bot as it knows task id you can use get task activity to get the details and proceed further…here you need not use wait for resume as you are reading separately

Hope this helps


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Hi @lean0919 ,

Do check the Config Excel sheet, there are configurations to be done related to whether the Automatic Classification and Automatic Validation is required or not.

Not so sure, what is the Clarification required on the Second Question, but if you are worried about Clicking on the Resume button manually in Studio, then this won’t be the case when the process is deployed as an Unattended Robot, When executing in Studio, we would require to manually click on the Resume button.

I checked the config file, it is working (it will pause) running from studio. but it wont do as studio from assistant

How can i get the task id if this case?
do you have any tutorials or sources of how to create that?

@lean0919 ,

Did you publish the process again and checked in Assistant ?


Create form task has an output that it gives which us a task object…which would contain task id in it… you can fetch and add the task id to queue for lter


yes, i did already

I get taskObject, but
how can i convert it to document classification action data

Most likely Attended robot runs do not support automatically resuming jobs from completed actions. You would need to use an Unattended Robot for that. If you would like to perform validation using an Attended robot, you would need to use a Present Validation Station activity instead of action center activities.

As for your question 2, you could take a look at UiPath’s Document Understanding framework which already contains activities to get input files from an Orchestrator queue and create validation tasks as necessary, followed by data extraction once validation tasks are completed. Document Understanding - Introduction (


The task object you would get only the task id… and add it to the queue

And when you run the second part after completing the action…you would use get task data activity and get the required data from the task object you would get which can further be used

Hope this is clear