How to process remaining document if one documents went to action center(Document Understanding)

HI Team,
here am processing multiple documents in document understanding and if one document went to action center for human verification then how to process remaining documents. kindly some one suggest on this.

had you implemented a for each over the documents collection?

yes implemented for each and getting item from queue.
fetching first item in queue and its went to action center, then how to continue remaining items?

Hi @Ananth_K,

As in this case, items will be going to action center but while 1 item is waiting to be completed in action center, you want next items to be processed.

So, in this case, you would need to use parallel for each loop which will allow items to be processed in parallel.


@Ananth_K : Hope you have implemented the orchestration process along with the Persistance activities. For each transaction, call your orchestration process either from REF or create a separate process to get the transaction from queue and trigger the Document understanding process. by this way - you can process each transaction through a separate orchestration process with multiple threads/bots.

Hope this helps.