Document understanding with action center

HI Team,
here am processing multiple documents in document understanding and if one document went to action center for human verification then how to process remaining documents. kindly some one suggest on this.

Hello Aravind,

are you running in attended or unattended mode?

In unattended mode (as we’d expect in production) in a document falls to action center, the rest of the documents will be processed as usual.

The automation suspends only in attended mode.

If one document goes to the action center for human verification while processing multiple documents in UiPath Document Understanding, there are a few ways to continue processing the remaining documents:

  1. Queue-based processing: You can set up a queue-based system where the remaining documents are held in a queue until the document that is being verified is processed. Once the verified document is processed, the next document in the queue can be processed.
  2. Multi-threading: You can set up multiple threads to process different documents simultaneously. This way, even if one document is being verified, the other documents can still be processed.
  3. Parallel processing: You can set up parallel processing where the remaining documents are processed simultaneously with the document that is being verified.
  4. Separating the process: You can separate the process of document verification and document processing. This way, when one document is sent for verification, the other documents can continue to be processed.
  5. Conditional branching: You can use Conditional branching to check if the document is sent for human verification or not, if it is sent for human verification then it can skip the processing of that document and move to the next one.

It’s important to note that the best approach will depend on the specific requirements of your organization, and the volume and complexity of the documents you are processing.

If i run it from assistant or processes it is still be in suspended mode only. It will not going to pick another document until the current one was approved.

@sharon.palawandram Use parallel for each until you push into the action centre
In your case, if you have multiple docs it will create multiple action items and stays in the suspended state.

Parallel for each trigger when at least one of the documents is validated in the action centre.

This will work only if you are dealing with a small number of documents other wise an orchestration process and multiple Queues.

Hi, sorry for reviving an older thread. So if we have a DU process where we want the client to use Action center to validate invoices without stopping the process, we should use an Orchestration Process? We would have a large amount of documents. I thought the Document Understanding process was better suited for this

Hi @Gines_Cirera

As far as I have understood, to process the files without waiting for the validation to be completed by the user all we have to do is separate the Wait for Validation Action into another Loop.

In the first loop, we keep digitizing, Classification, Extraction and Create Validation action. where we keep all the validation action objects created in a list.
And in the second loop, preferably a parallel for each that iterates through the action object list created earlier and use the wait for validation action and resume activity, finish the loop by exporting the validated data.

By this approach we separate Extraction and Exporting, Extraction happens for all the files and as soon as all the files are completed only then the bot waits for validation, as soon as any file is validated the bot resumes back and completes the extractgion. Hope this makes sense.