Document understanding - uipath studio

Hi Team,

I am working on a project which includes document understanding. I am able to create form extractor in orchestrator and it gives me an end-point url. I am not sure how to use this extractor url into uipath studio. Appreciate any help. Thanks.


Usually we will be using this api for FORM EXTRACTOR activity

For more details

Add this activity inside your DATA EXTRACTION SCOPE activity in studio and mention this api url there

For that first we need to include this package in your studio

Go to design tab → manage packages → all packages → search for this and install

Cheers @preety.gupta

Thanks for the prompt reply @Palaniyappan .
I am doing the same but it requires to update “Manage Template”.
Do i need to create taxonomy also with all the fields that i defined in orchestrator?
Request if you can share a small poc with any random values(API keys and url values).

Yeah we need first fields to be defined and mapped with taxonomy

recommend to carefully read the enclosed User Guide, even if you’re already familiar with the solution.

Cheers @preety.gupta