Document Understanding Process 22.10 now in General Availability!

Hello everyone!

:fireworks: :loudspeaker: :sparkler: We are very excited to announce the General Availability release of the Document Understanding Process version 22.10!

It can be downloaded from the Official template feed. To get started, simply create a new project in UiPath Studio and select it.


We recommend to carefully read the enclosed User Guide, even if you’re already familiar with the solution. The latest guide is always enclosed when you create a new project in the “UserGuide” folder and can always be found here as well.

Below you can find 2 quick overview videos about the Document Understanding Process, and the new Invoice Post Processing workflow. More in-depth videos will come at a later date and posted in this thread as well.

Document Understanding Process Overview:

Invoice Post Processing Overview:

New features:


  • Added 19 tests under the test folder that test basic DU and framework functionality
  • All tests have a default setting, so you can simply run the tests out of the box, at the same time though, they support test variation data which you can generate.
  • Added BatchTestingUtilities under the test folder. These help the tests to run faster, but also during the development to save data to cache, and not run the whole process again
  • Added a Cache folder based on the sample file we have

Main Logic:

  • Added a flow decision that would make the workflow end successfully if no more transaction items are present.
  • Automatic detection of decimal points in Invoice Post Processing
  • Added Receipt Post Processing


  • Validated new Out of the Box Insight dashboards


  • Updated all dependencies to the latest stable version
  • Cleaned up the Config File and added the Receipt Post Processing part
  • Hidden the option of C# for now


  • “For each” activity in “Parallel for each” issue should be solved


There are some known issues with the workflow analyzer. These will be fixed in a future version of Studio. If you have issues with publishing the process, try and uncheck “Enforce Analyzer before publish” in studio if possible.

Thank you for your interest in Document Understanding!

If you have any questions, feedback, or would want new features, please use this thread or open an issue here, in our git repository. If you do want to contribute and create a new branch, please be mindful of the naming conventions in the file.


Sergiu and @Alexandru-Luca


Love these updates! especially the testing utilities and automated test cases. :heartpulse:

Thanks for sharing, @Sergiu.Wittenberger

To be clear does this mean that Document Understanding is included and can be used as part of our standard licence fees or is there an extra cost (AI units etc)?



@Steven_McKeering … You will still need to buy AI units. DU Framework is more like REFramework , buts its a standard framework to implement DU use cases.


Thank you for sharing. I am currently using document understanding 22.10 process and have an issue when opening taxonomy. I am getting this message.


I have downloaded and installed .NET packages version 6.0.11, SDK 7.0.11 and tried installing legacy versions too but this issue couldn’t be resolved.

Once I installed the above mentioned .NET packages, I get another error


Try installing .NET 5.0 Desktop Runtime.

I tried this too and it didn’t work for me.

I have wo updates to share:

  1. Regarding the Taxonomy Manager issue, if you have it, roll back to 22.10.1 - it’s an issue with Studio and a fix is actively being worked on. And yes, you need to have .net5 / 6 installed.

  2. We have also encountered a small bug in one of our arguments in Main - ActionCenter.xaml and fixed it (In_TargetFile was of type “Out” instead of “In”)

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Thank you!

@Sergiu.Wittenberger I see there isn’t any flow back to get Transaction item in the Main-Action Center file. So it just picks one item from the queue. Shouldn’t there be a loop back so that it fetches all the items from the queue or am I missing something?

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True, adjusted some changes in a project by adding direction from try catch to get transaction item to the process flow.

DO NOT do that!

You do not want to have this work in batches, there is a limitation of 1000 suspension points in orchestrator/process. If that limit is hit, the process won’t be able to work anymore. Please DO NOT DO THAT

The idea behind the process is to have a dispatcher (be it integration service, a separate workflow, an api call, or whatever) to trigger the DU Process.

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Awesome, thank you for the update @Sergiu.Wittenberger! will make changes accordingly.

Please solve the error in Document understanding

That seems a problem on your side :slight_smile:

Thanks @Sergiu.Wittenberger for your confirmation.
So, should my dispatcher put all the queue items first ?
The current template which is a performer is getting one item only at a time. So, how will the rest of the items get processed?
Also, as we have the human action for the DU process, we cannot call the current template in a loop from the dispatcher process as well.

Please read the official documentation found in the template under User Guide.

Great feature !!

Thanks, UiPath Team ( @Sergiu.Wittenberger ) for your solution for the industry.

Happy to know that Document Understanding has new features, I would like to write the update for blogging.