Document Understanding Licences - what are you charged for?

I have a question regarding the Document Understanding bundles and how you use the pages.

In the Enterprise Trial edition you have 1000 page limit.

I am curious to know how 1 page is utilised .
so for example.
I have a DU workflow that will have the following

Intelligent Keyword Classifier
Intelligent Form extractor

Both of these activities use an API key for DU .

so if i have a file that contains 2 documents with a total of 7 pages.

I first run it through the intelligent classifier - 7 pages

then i have to extract the data using the Intelligent Form extractor - again 7 pages (same file)

How many pages will be reduced from my DU page limit after running this one file through my workflow?

14 or 7 .


Hello Rachel,

Form Extractor consumes 0.2 units per page processed.
Intelligent Form Extractor consumes 1 unit per page processed.
Intelligent Keyword Classifier consumes 1 unit per 25 pages, with the first 25 pages for free, and a max cap of 5 units per file.

So in your example, IKC would be for free (7 pages <= 25 free), and IFE would consume 7 units.
Hope this helps,



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