Document Understanding Error

I am using document understanding to process some free invoices and I am getting the below error:

Data Extraction Scope: DocumentUnderstanding server returned 429 (Too Many Requests). Additional details: error code: 1015

Kindly help! Will this error clear off over time or what?

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Hi @monsieurrahul

Try changing the api key and see whether it works

Hi @monsieurrahul

Put a delay before before data extraction scope

Hope it helps

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Hi All,

I’m getting this error while creating a template in Manage Template

It contains 190 pages. Here I’m using an enterprise trial license. Also tried with a different OCR engine.

Thanks in advance !!

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando

I’m getting the same error while processing large documents

Can you help with this thread?

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Hi guys,

I have also tried the same with a document that has around 120 pages, It took some time to digitize, but didn’t throw an error.

What I identified is that, if there are lot of unwanted pages in the document, remove those pages from the PDF activities, and keep only the pages that you need to process. This will reduce the overload on the digitizing process, as well as in extraction.

Give it a try, and let me know if you still receive the error


Thanks for the response @Lahiru.Fernando

Can we delete PDF pages through activities? If yes pls let me know (Normal PDF Activities does not have those activities)

With DU Template creation, Some files are native, scanned, and non-native attached in a specific order in a large document.

I used force apply OCR and got the error as skip angle was rotated 90 degrees in a specific page

How to handle this issue?

If you are using Enterprise edition, then add “/?edition=enterprise” at the end of the Endpoint argument.

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Yes, through PDF files, you can provide a range, or you can split the pages into multiple documents . I believe it would be good if you can split this large document into multiple docs.
It would improve the process thought it require multiple iterations.

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Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando

I’ll try this out!

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Change the OCR Engine from OmniPage to Tesseract and try it once again