Document Understanding customisation

How can I customize India Invoice Model in the UiPath Document Understanding community edition?
How to extract data from the invoice having double or multiple tables from a single invoice.
Post extraction I also need to map data like (Table 1 line 1 with Table 2 line 1)… similarly for other line items.

Hi @SantoshPaul ,

You would require to use Data Labelling and label the fields that are custom to your requirement. Perform a Training Pipeline with the documents labelled and get the next version of the Invoice India Model. Make sure that you have sufficient datasets used for labelling. A minimum of 20 documents.

Also Check labelling multiple tables within a Page :

Let us know if you are facing any issues in performing this.


Welcome to the community

You can perform data labelling on any of the invoice models which suite your invoice and perform a training on the labelled invoices…

And we cannot label multiple tables separately by default labelling will happen together only for all tables…ypu can label all columns and as you anyways required mapping for different rows together…as the labeling is fone together you will get a single table data will all the columns from all tables…if you want to separate then you can split the final table as you already know how many columns belong to how many tables…

At the end create an ml skill out of the trained model and use it

Hope this helps