Document OCR performance

Hi dear forum, we implemented new document understanding process.
We have performance issues with the digitization and OCR.
I have 3 questions:
1.How can we run more than one process with the same robot?
2. What impacts the performance of digitization process?
How can we improve it?
3. What impacts the performance of OCR process?
Appreciate your help

Hi! welcome to Community!

Digitization Overview.

Use ML Activities to improve the performance for that

->Navigate to manage packages install this package Uipath.DocumentUnderstanding.ML.Activities

->Install Uipath.IntelligentOCr.Activities package as well. which will give you the correct data.

By using ML we can extract the required data


It really depends on Architecture you’re using.

  1. Of course number of processes can be executed by the same robot. Maybe you mean at the same time?
  2. Not sure that there is anything to improve considerably there
  3. Could you specify whats the issue?

Thanks for reaching out.

  1. Yes I meant at the same time.
    As we have 2 robots working on document understanding, we are trying to increase the number of handled document at the same time.
    We can do 2 things:
    a. Reduce handling time per document, meaning optimizing the duration of digitization and OCR.
    b. Run more processes using the same infrastructure, by doing that we will increase our ability to handle more files at the same time.


A. If you mean the duration of executing mentioned activities "digitize"and using OCR engine - there is nothing to do with this.
B. It is possible to run more processes on the same Infrastructure if there is no conflict with architecture you built. Could you describe the process? Whats the input, trigger, output?