Specialized AI Professional Certification prep| EP8| Digitize Activity Configuration


The Digitization of UiPath Document Understanding is not just OCR. It performs many activities behind the scenes to extract the best possible result from the documents. The video focuses on learning the different configurations available in the Digitize Document activity. Learning how and when to use these settings helps to generate the best results from the Digitization functions.

Topics Covered

0:00 - Introduction
01:15 - Digitize Document Inputs - Apply OCR On PDF Explained
06:30 - Digitize Document Inputs - Parallelism, CheckBox Detection Explained
07:34 - Digitize Document Output - Document Text Explained
08:04 - Digitize Document Output - Document Object Model Explained
09:19 - Supported Document Types
09:50 - How to Select OCR Engines for Digitization

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