Document Classification (Form and Bill)

hello community I am facing problems while doing classification (form and bill)
This is a simple workflow where I trained and tested the robot on the same files but the classifier result is empty
if anyone does have an idea plz help (682.0 KB)

Hi, I have downloaded your sequence and debugged it. You must delete the classifiers you have entered to get the result.

The keywords you have entered are enough to get the document ranking.
In the following image you can see how it returns the result of the variable in the Locales panel.


I hope I have helped you!


thank you for the response *But what do you mean by deleting the classifiers I have entered?

In Document Classification Scope in the sección Configure Classifiers, delete the classification base word because it is classifying you based on the percentage of confidence of the capture of that single word and not all the others that you have introduced in the Manage Learning.


thank you alot

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