Intelligent keyword Classifier

Hello Community

I am trying to classify documents I used the intelligent keyword classifier
But whenever I close the project I should retrain the model again
Is There a method that makes me save the vector of words generated by the classifier

Thnx in advance

Hi @Amani_Boukadidaaa
Training classifier

  • The framework provides the opportunity to train the classifier and Close the project.

Hi @Amani_Boukadidaaa,

Did you mean validated classification results?

Also, have you tried using this framework for DU provided by UiPath, this should be helpful to use as a base to create any project for documents processing:


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Hey @Amani_Boukadidaaa!

You need to use the Classifier Training mechanics. The Document Understanding Process that @sonaliaggarwal47 pointed out should definitely help, as it comes pre-configured with an out-of-the-box example.