Do we require a specific license for using UiPath Test Manager?


I installed UiPath Test Manager and enabled the Test Automation in our on-premise Orchestrator. Now when I try to access the Test Manager URL, it re-directs me to the Orchestrator login page. I tried to login with a user who has access to the Tenant where Test Automation is enabled. The user also holds an Automation Developer license, which ideally has “Test Manager user” access. However, when I login, it goes back to Test Manager URL and displays Unauthorized access error.


I could see some errors in the Event Viewer, find below the screenshot.

Could you please advise what can be done to avoid this error? Do I require any specific licenses to be purchased in addition to the Automation Developer license I already have?


Looks like the communicationwith test manager is not happening…

Can you try rechecking or reinstalling properly there must be something missed here or the test manager porta are not open and not able to interact


Hi @midhunsug661

As per the licensing document as below, It is mentioned that Testing Manager capabilities need an extra add on

As per the documentation It might require the below SKU add on

For more details on Licensing check below link

Hope this may help you


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