Do we have any limits for Build Data Table

Hey Hi,

I Just Wanted to know that do we have any limits for the build data table that it can bind such number of (Rows&Columns) and Write Range, While handling large data rows I’m Facing some issues with binding up the large number of columns!

Do we have any such limits like that?

Hi @RajaChristopher,

For Data table
The maximum number of rows that a DataTable can store is 16,777,216.

I hope the same storage will available for build data table in uipath activity.

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In specific to the column in Build data table?

How do you know this number

According to MSDN site , the row limit for datatable is mentioned as above.

Anyone know what the maximum number of fields/columns would be for a Datatable?

Is the 16 million rows a maximum for a single column? Or, does this maximum row capacity decline as more rows are added?

Hope my question makes sense, I couldn’t tell from reading the Microsoft website and I am relatively new to large database type variables. (mostly worked with smaller datasets until now)