Do Not Store Git Credentials After Commit

So I work for a consultancy and as a result we have alot of shared logins to environments belonging to our clients. It is not feasible for us to have individual logins for each of them because it would be too much for our clients to manage so having a generic windows VM account is a given.

This causes problems with our commits to source control however, UiPath caches the credentials in Windows Credential manager and pulls from them the next time someone commits, this causes the same credentials to be used over and over when different people use the VM.

Is there any way to make sure that the GIT commit signature and credentials aren’t stored after each commit to ensure that each person doing a commit has to enter their own?

Remove Credential from Windows Credential & do not credential for authentication use secure key.

Hello @Jon_Smith ,

please refer below.

Yes, I know I can do that, but I was hoping to find a way so they don’t get stored at all to prevent this hassle every time we commit that we need to remove it.

Thats mostly just how to use GIT, which part do you think addresses my question as I don’t see how it does?

There is a session for changing the signature and credentials. Will it be helpful?

No, sorry thats not helpful.

I’m already aware of how to remove them manually. My question was how to prevent them being stored in the first place to prevent these manual actions which is different to what you are addressing.

@Jon_Smith Did you try this option after you commit Disconnect this project from source control

I don’t want to disconnect the project from source control. That would be worse than it being committed under someone elses credentials, that would stop it being commited altogether.