Do not have Output option in Execute Macro

Hi, I try to use the Execute macro activity on an excel document. I have managed to run it, and the result is a message box with a text message. I want the robot to read this text, so that I can use it later in the process. But the robot will not go to the next step in the code, which is Get full text. The robot is stuck on the Excecute macro activity.
I have googled some, and it seems there should be a Macro Output part in the Propterties, but I do not have this. I only have Common, Input and Misc.
So two questions:
1 - why do I not have the Output part in the Properties? I think this would solve what I want to do, ie get the information received from the message box (or perhaps I missunderstand what the Output part do).
2 - if the Output property is not the way to get the message from the message box that the macro generates, how can I make the robot go to the next step, and not be stuck on the Execute macro activity?

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You have to return the value from your VB then in the Execute macro activity one field is there called “Macro Output” in that you have to define a variable to store the value which is return from VB(I think the output value is object)


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You have to define a variable which of data type object and assign that variable in the Macro Output fields

Hi, I do not have the Macro Output alternative. Do you know how to get it?

Try to update all the Activities Package (CTRL + P)

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That worked. Thank you.
Do you know why the robot cannot move to the next activity in the workflow? It is stuck on executing the Execute macro activity. When debugging, it should say Execute macro Closed, but it only say Execute macro Executing, so it never closes the activity.


pls follow this,