Do I need unattended robot license for running background process?

I have attended robot license.
I used the background process template and published a robot on the orchestrator .

I am trying to setup triggers . So that the process runs every minute.
It throws me error as no robot found. Do I need unattended license?

Yes,If you would like to execute the bot in unattended mode, unattended bot licence is required.

Hi @vighneshtha17

You can achieve same thing with unattended Robot which is scheduled and monitored by Orchestrator



To run your process in background, you need Unattended License

For attended license you have to always login to the system and make it appear the screen, It will not work once you minimize the screen or logout the VM

For Unattended, no manual interaction is required, It can unlock your system and run the flow according to your schedule in background

Hope this helps you