Unattended bot license

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We are planning to get unattended bot license.
Do we need AWS server license too to run this unattended bot.

If i get only unattended license, will i be able to run processes in background?


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Kindly have a view on the below for requirements before installing robot

And of course when unattended bot is obtained we can run that in background
Usually bots can be triggered in three ways like
—from Robot tray (being machine on)
—from orchestrator manually triggering job (being machine off)
—from orchestrator with schedule option (being machine off)

If we have unattended bot we can run the process in background with last two ways as the first is anyhow we are in front of the system
So for those two ways we need orchestrator

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If you have Unattended BOT licence then we can run processes in background and also we need Orchestrator also to trigger Unattended BOTS and its manadatory else we can’t trigger these type of BOTS.

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