Do I need a licence for publishing on Marketplace?

So I was making activities for my company and some of them are published on marketplace through my profile given by company,

But now I also wanted to publish activity from my personal account, what I don’t know is do I need any kind of licence to publish activity or any pakage on marketplace, or is it free?

I don’t have issues with UiPath studio licence, as I’m having it for my professional profile given by company

Hi @indiedev91,

You are free to publish components in the UiPath Marketplace. You do not require any license to publish your components.

The only difference between your previous process is the naming convention to be used in your Nuget package.

For company affiliated components


When a component is not affiliated with any company (personal user submission) you should use the following convention:


There are some other aspects you need to consider before submitting your component.
Here is a slide share link showing the entire process of publishing components in UiPath Marketplace.


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