When we upload component in uipath what are the things we have to upload?

When we upload component in uipath market what things we have have to upload

Hi @pratikshap

When you are uploading a component, you have to upload the source code of the component. Apart from that, if your component is a custom activity, that nupkg file should be attached separately… So basically you need to upload the end product and the source code of it. Those two are mandatory.

It is always better to have a user manual, a simple document that describes how to use your component. It will be beneficial for many. If you can, create a small video and upload under media of the components that show how it works… These two are not mandatory, but would be better to have :slight_smile:

It’s typically a Zip file containing the necessary library components. Libraries can be developed in UiPath Studio or in Visual Studio. You will need screenshots showing how to use the software, choose a license, and update metadata.

You will need this to edit the metadata of your package:

If you feel you’ve missed something, don’t worry. Your work will be reviewed by the staff and feedback will be returned to you in a ticket.

You can also use my component or any others loaded to connect.uipath.com for reference on some of the things you will need.


Hi @pratikshap,

Please also see our Publishing Guidelines that offer detailed information about every field in the Upload Form for components.

Happy Automation!

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando
I have a bot in which I have created the custom activity as well as using the activities in uipath studio how should I upload that component ?

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I think you already got the answer from @Andreea_Stroe :slight_smile:

The document she shared has lot of info… it will be a good source for you

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You can access UiPath Connect and click on Create New on the top right corner of the page. This will trigger the Upload Form and the Publishing Guidelines will come in handy afterwards. After you complete filling in the info, just click Submit and the component will reach us.

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