Delete/Remove the row by row the data from Data table dynamically

Hi There,

I should delete the rows one by one dynamically from the excel file - which has only one column…
Ex: I am having a Excel file - have taken it to DT.
Now from DT I am taking the row to one variable.
So I have to Pass this variable to - Remove data row activity…

How shall I pass this
I can see the code for the activity - Remove data row activity… ----“Name=‘TestName2’”
It takes the column name and value inside the column…

So I just want to pass only the value not column name


Can you use DataTable.Rows(x).Delete where x is the row no

But how shall I get the Index??/ row index dynamically

I have to pass this following variable with data

This activity is in For each loop of DT

I am not getting it how to do
Have to fix it now …

you can try with “remove data row” ie check for condition, if true then remove data row.


You can also try with Invoke code + delete row combination


Sorry, I have same problem.

Anyone has any solution for this case ?

Thanks in advance!

What is the problem ?

Hi @skini76

I have list of item want to search on the website. Some item could not found on the web.

I want to highlight or clear row content on excel file with item which not found on the web .

I have made Flow Decision activity to check if item not found, how to use any activity to highlight or clear content of cell on excel file on the left Flow Decision ?

I have tried with some activities but still can not.

Thanks youPIC from|attachment (11.5 KB)PIC from (11.5 KB)